“Zero is zero. If you don’t kill a tax completely, it keeps coming back like zombies in a science fiction movie”

John Cochrane on growth-oriented policy.

Probably one of he best essays ever written about this here


Predicting Who the Next Amazon will be

researchers believe they have found a set of characteristics that can identify which companies have a shot at success. That could allow cities and states to move beyond the shots-on-goal approach and instead try to foster the specific types of companies that are most likely to create jobs and drive innovation. Excellent read from fivethirtyeight here 

US Census Bureau data on Business Dynamics below

US Firm entry rate


How to Leverage Spotlight’s Oscar Win


This is an email from the AJC regarding their investigative journalism that leverages the Oscar win for Spotlight.

Dear Robert,

As you can probably guess, our newsroom has been buzzing since “Spotlight” was awarded its best picture Oscar. We’re excited because the film did such an extraordinary job of presenting to a broad audience the kind of work that inspired many of us to become journalists.

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that the AJC is committed to investigative journalism and considers the work of holding officials and institutions accountable. We challenge ourselves to demand integrity and effectiveness in your government and public institutions.

Here are some of the “spotlight” stories we’ve done in your community:

We want to share in the celebration of the story “Spotlight” had to tell and to remind you that we do this kind of work every day at the AJC.


Kevin G. Riley


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Trump vs VIX

Pretty good correlation lately between Trump’s delusional remarks and the market volatility index VIX Advertisements


Will the Economic Recovery Die of Old Age?

Much conventional wisdom views an aging expansion as increasingly fragile and more likely to end in recessionEmpirical evidence indicates that expansions during the past 70 years do not become progressively more fragile with age. Details here


US Home prices above 2005 peak

fred data here



Disney hired an economist

Disney isn’t the first to use a variable pricing model to better manage demand in the most popular days of the year. Universal Studios Hollywood introduced an online ticket system earlier this month that allows savings of as much as $20 off on non-peak days, compared with the standard $95 admission. Link to full article here