Mercatus Center – Who Does a Better Job of Managing Money, Republicans or Democrats? 

Mercatus Center – The paper, by Marian Moszoro and Michael Bykhovsky, uses Federal Election Commission data to identify equity fund managers by their political contributions. If the managers at a fund gave to only one of the two major political parties, that fund is then classified as having an intellectual or ideological connection to that party.

OK, so who wins this politically fraught horse race? Asnswer here


Predicting Who the Next Amazon will be

researchers believe they have found a set of characteristics that can identify which companies have a shot at success. That could allow cities and states to move beyond the shots-on-goal approach and instead try to foster the specific types of companies that are most likely to create jobs and drive innovation. Excellent read from fivethirtyeight here 

US Census Bureau data on Business Dynamics below

US Firm entry rate